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If I Were a French Appraiser

Having a little fun in route to do a Construction Appraisal. Our jobs are stressful. It's good to let loose and laugh once in a while.   Helping homeowners navigate the appraisal process, Ryan Bays, SRA, AI-RRS

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You Mean I CAN Tear Down My House That’s Listed on the National Register?

Recently, I took part in a meeting with the Kentucky Heritage Council, during which we discussed the National Register of Historic Places and its affect on homeowners.  It goes without saying that there is much confusion surrounding the National Register — what it means, and what it doesn’t — thus, this post.  I hope the [...]

You Mean I CAN Tear Down My House That’s Listed on the National Register?2015-01-27T01:43:47+00:00

The One Percent

There’s been a lot of discussion the last several years about ‘the one percent.’  You know, that gap between the wealthiest Americans, and the rest of us.  There was even a 2006 documentary about the one percent.  Well, what does this have to do with appraisals?   […]

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I was born for this job

I was born for this job.  Scratch that …  I was born into this job. Literally. People often ask me how long I’ve been appraising, to which I usually reply, “my entire life.” As a child of the ‘70s (by just six months), I am young to be a professional real estate appraiser according to [...]

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