I was born for this job

I was born for this job.  Scratch that …  I was born into this job. Literally.

People often ask me how long I’ve been appraising, to which I usually reply, “my entire life.” As a child of the ‘70s (by just six months), I am young to be a professional real estate appraiser according to industry standards.

But the truth is, telling people I’ve been appraising my entire life is not much of a stretch at all. My dad is the finest real estate appraiser inSouthern Illinois, and I started working with him as soon as I could hold the other end of the tape. I worked with my dad in various positions throughout high school and even into some of my college years. I took some time off while in college at The University of Alabama to sell real estate, but when it came time to move back to Illinois, I knew just who to call.

In 2005, I began my formal training to become a real estate appraiser, and in 2008, after obtaining my certification, my wife, then three kids and I began a new chapter in our lives in Owensboro, Kentucky.

I started Riverfront Appraisals in the summer of 2008 – at the very bottom of the real estate market. As I look back now, I’m not sure what I was thinking! Starting a new real estate business when the economy was in the tank? My success as a real estate appraiser can only be attributed to one thing: the grace of God. And in July of this year, we will celebrate four wonderful years in business.

Check back later as I explain why it’s been good to grow up in the appraisal business. You’ll also have opportunities to meet my wonderful family!

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