Thanksgiving Thoughts – Appraisal Edition

It’s Thanksgiving.  We’ve all read and even written on the subject; how thankful we are for the loved ones and blessings in our lives.  Like many, I am blessed beyond words with a wonderful family, home, and career.  However, this post focuses on the latter – my career as a real estate appraiser.  So here is my top 10 list of things I’m thankful for as an appraiser.  If you’re an appraiser, I hope you have much to be thankful for this season, as well.


  1.  I’m thankful to have a job.  In an age when appraisers are leaving the industry in record numbers, and when orders are slower now than they have been in a while, it’s nice to focus on the simple and obvious.  I am employed.  And I am thankful.
  2.  This may go without saying, but I’m thankful my job is as an appraiser.  We have one of the greatest jobs I can imagine.  We have the honor of being the only independent, unbiased, and objective voice in the real estate valuation space.  No one can take that away from us.
  3.  I’m thankful for a local group of appraisers who help each other out.  Sure, we’re competitors.  But we’re also on the same team.  In our little section of Western Kentucky, we have a great group of professional appraisers, and I’m thankful to call many my friends.
  4.  I can’t write an appraisal-related thankful post without mentioning my wife, Tiffany.  For the last 10+ years, she has been a wise counselor, patient listener, and shoulder to cry on.  Without her, our business wouldn’t be half of what it is today.
  5.  I’m thankful for technology.  Having grown up in this business, I remember the days of typewritten reports, of Forms & Worms, of one-hour photo and double sided tape.  We’ve come a long way, and thankfully, we have embraced technology at every turn.  We are a paperless office, use lasers and iPads, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  6.  I’m also thankful for how technology pushes us as appraisers to be better at what we do.  With the onslaught of AVMs, hybrid products and ‘evaluations’, in many circles the appraiser is having to fight for their job.  Instead of watching AI take over our profession, we are thankful that we have the opportunity to stand up and let the world know why appraisers should be valued, and how we cannot be replaced!
  7.  I’m thankful not only for a great group of local appraisers, but also for the friends and colleagues we have nationwide.  Now more than ever it seems, appraisers are banding together to help each other, support our industry, and educate the public.  What a privilege to learn from so many mentors!
  8.  I’m thankful for our home community.  Ten years ago, Owensboro took a chance on an out-of-town appraiser and we have been so grateful!  This is our home.  We raise six girls here, and couldn’t be happier.  I’m thankful for the ways Owensboro has rallied around us, honored us, and supported us.
  9.  I’m thankful for old clients that have become friends, and new clients who soon will be.  I’m thankful that the real estate appraisal experience is not a one-way transaction, but that we get to actually help our clients, homeowners, and Realtors.  We see each appraisal as an opportunity to help someone make an informed decision about what may be their largest investment.
  10.  Last – but certainly not least – is our team at Riverfront Appraisals.  Over the years, our team has grown into what I would argue is the best appraisal team ever.  We have streamlined the appraisal process to help reduce turn times, while being able to serve clients in eight counties across two states.  Everyone on our team plays a huge role and we could’t help nearly as many people without them.  We are blessed.

If you’re an appraiser, or even if you’re not – take time to think about what you’re thankful for in your job.  We grumble enough.  Revision requests, low fees, AMCs, complaints about value… the list goes on and on.  Why don’t we try something different, and focus on the positive?  There’s so much to be thankful for, not just this season, but all year.

We are appraisers.  We are blessed.

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