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2019 Year In Review

It’s finally time for the 2019 Year In Review!  It’s taken a bit longer for us to put everything together this year for a couple of reasons.      We’re busy.  Wow! The market is incredibly hot right now.  We’ve been working hard just trying to keep up! We’re doing something different this year, and including [...]

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What Can I Count as Living Area?

What Can I Count as Living Area?   Enclosed Porches, basements, garages, bonus rooms, unfinished rooms.  Does your home have any of these areas? Are you confused if you can count them in your home’s living area?  In this blog post, we’ll answer the question we’ve heard from countless homeowners: “What can I count as [...]

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What Does FHA Say About Inground Pools?

Anybody wanna go for a swim?   As I write this blog post, it’s mid-December and currently cold & raining outside my office.  Maybe I’m dreaming of summer already, I don’t know. Regardless, I thought I’d write a quick post about swimming pools and FHA appraisals.   So let’s ‘jump’ right in!  (Sorry. That was [...]

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Owensboro’s Biggest Over-Improvement

Owensboro’s most expensive home has sold:  16 Stone Creek Park. And it sold at almost a $2 Million loss.   According to MLS records, the home located at 16 Stone Creek Park in Owensboro sold in May for $2.2 Million to a local businessman, making it the most expensive residential property to ever sell in [...]

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How Appraisers Can Help Investors

If you are a real estate investor or interested in becoming a real estate investor you may find a real estate appraiser can be a valuable resource for your investments!   Helping homeowners navigate the appraisal process, Ryan Bays, SRA, AI-RRS

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Neighborhood by the Numbers: Thorobred East

This week, we did multiple appraisals in the Thorobred East / Normandy Heights neighborhood located in the eastern portion of Owensboro, just off Highway 54 and Thruston Dermont Road.  We’re seeing some really interesting trends in this neighborhood (the two are grouped together for simplicity), and thought we’d share them with our readers.   Since [...]

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2017 Year in Review: Owensboro Real Estate

It's been a great year for Owensboro real estate!  Inventory was down, prices were up (although not nearly as high as many announced earlier last year), and homes spent less time on the market than they have in the past.  In addition to the infographic above, here's some information you'll find helpful about the Owensboro/Daviess County [...]

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Owensboro Real Estate Market 2013: A Look Back

Whenever we consider how strong, or weak, the real estate market is, it’s never good to only look at the last months’ sales and come up with an opinion.  Sometimes, it’s helpful to look at the BIG picture.  That’s what I’ve done here:  I’ve taken a few of the more common factors when thinking about [...]

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