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Owensboro’s Biggest Over-Improvement

Owensboro’s most expensive home has sold:  16 Stone Creek Park. And it sold at almost a $2 Million loss.   According to MLS records, the home located at 16 Stone Creek Park in Owensboro sold in May for $2.2 Million to a local businessman, making it the most expensive residential property to ever sell in [...]

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Home Inspection

    Helping homeowners navigate the appraisal process, Ryan Bays, SRA, AI-RRS

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How Appraisers Can Help Investors

If you are a real estate investor or interested in becoming a real estate investor you may find a real estate appraiser can be a valuable resource for your investments!   Helping homeowners navigate the appraisal process, Ryan Bays, SRA, AI-RRS

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New Appraiser!

Riverfront Appraisals is proud to announce that Gerren Dugger has received his Residential Real Property Appraiser Certification.   Gerren has been with Riverfront Appraisals since 2016 and began his formal training in 2017.  After the mandatory two-year training process, thousands of logged appraisal experience hours, and hundreds of classroom hours, Gerren passed the comprehensive examination [...]

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Neighborhood by the Numbers: Thorobred East

This week, we did multiple appraisals in the Thorobred East / Normandy Heights neighborhood located in the eastern portion of Owensboro, just off Highway 54 and Thruston Dermont Road.  We’re seeing some really interesting trends in this neighborhood (the two are grouped together for simplicity), and thought we’d share them with our readers.   Since [...]

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FHA and Cosmetic Improvements

Many homes are purchased with FHA financing, and unless you’re buying a brand new home, there’s likely some cosmetic issues that need to be fixed...sometime.  What does FHA say about these minor issues, commonly referred to as deferred maintenance?  Keep reading and find out!   But first, let’s briefly define what we’re talking about.  When [...]

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What Happens if My Appraisal Comes Back Under Contract Price?

We recently did an appraisal on a home that was under contract.  During the inspection portion of the appraisal, we were discussing with the homeowner the next steps of the appraisal process.  We’ll send in the report, and you should hear from your lender soon after.  If you have any questions, contact your lender.  And [...]

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