The Realtor’s Guide to Appraisals E-Book

This guide was created in order to help take the frustration out of the real estate appraisal process for Realtors. The Realtor’s Guide to Appraisals prepares you for the most common roadblocks and hiccups so that you and your clients can soar through them. We will walk you through the process and help you get your client to the closing table in record time.

Ryan Bays, appraiser, podcaster, and blogger, discusses topics such as how appraisers choose comps, communicating with the appraiser, ANSI measurement guidelines, what to do when the home doesn’t appraise high enough, FHA appraisals, and more. Packed with loads of bonus materials, this guide is sure to make the appraisal process so much easier to understand – for you and for your clients.

Most Realtors have a hard time getting straight answers on appraisal questions. For the first time, all of your questions are answered in one place, by an actual boots-on-the-ground appraiser. Get your copy today!