Products for Homeowners

If you’re buying with cash or selling by owner, we can help you understand your home’s market value so that you can buy or sell with confidence. We offer several different appraisal services, as well as one-on-one consulting.

Pre-Listing Appraisal: An appraisal designed specifically for sellers. Whether you’re selling by owner or with the help of a Realtor, this appraisal can help you decide how much your home should sell for.

Price-Improvement Appraisal: Has your home been on the market longer than what you think it should have? Have a gut feeling that it might be listed too high (or even too low)? This appraisal can help you understand the current market, and if any changes in pricing might be necessary.

Cash Buyer Appraisal: In a position to pay cash for your home and don’t need a bank appraisal? You can still ensure you’re not overpaying for your home by ordering a Cash Buyer Appraisal. Much like a bank appraisal (except cheaper!), this report will give you peace of mind that you need for your biggest investment.

Other Appraisals: We can help you with your divorce settlement, inheritance, tax appeal, estate or any other appraisal need you may have. Give us a call today!

Consulting: If you’re not ready for a full appraisal, consulting may be for you. Email Ryan at ryanbays@riverfrontappraisals.com directly for rates and information. 

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