Kentucky Areas of Service

  • Daviess County

  • Hancock County

  • Henderson County

  • Hopkins County

  • Ohio County

  • McLean County

Indiana Areas of Service

  • Perry County (Indiana)

  • Spencer County (Indiana)

  • Warwick County (Indiana)

Residential Loan Appraisals

Mortgage finance-related appraisals are the most common form of real estate appraisals. These appraisals are completed to provide an opinion of market value for a single family dwelling or multi-family dwellings such as a duplex, by analyzing market data.

Riverfront Appraisals is fully equipped and certified to complete appraisals for most types of mortgage financing, including:

– Conventional Loans
– FHA Loans
– Rural Housing Loans
– KHC (Kentucky Housing) Loans
– VA Loans
– Cash Purchases

Asset Valuation Appraisals

In addition to providing an opinion of value for property in a mortgage-related transaction, we will happily provide a professional opinion of value for the following purposes:

  • Estate settlement
  • Foreclosure
  • Property tax appeal
  • Insurance purposes
  • Divorce
  • Pre-listing
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • PMI removal
  • Appraisal consulting and review
  • Rental surveys
  • Second opinion of value

Floorplan & Home Measurement Services

Apart from appraisals, we also offer Home Measurement and Floorplan Layout Services. Floorplans and measurements are helpful to include in real estate listings, tax appeals, rental paperwork, and can fulfill many other needs as well. Take a look at a sample floorplan below, and click on the image to review a larger, more detailed version.

Need an appraisal?

An appraiser is the only one who can provide you with an unbiased, independent, and objective opinion of value of your home.

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